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this company stole money from a customer whose house i have worked the lady was a vunerable 70 year old lady

Wastehill Consulting and Employment Sucks

I don’t even know how to start this. I had a very traumatic experience, it was a misfortune dealing with Westhill Consulting and Employment

Westhill Consulting Insurance Sucks

they hang up when a live customer service you called, scammer

Westhill Consulting - Financial (Tax & Accounting) Sucks

I don’t believe all the positive reviews for I experienced otherwise. There is no other term I can associate with Westhill Consulting

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours Sucks

you’d be pissed off by wasting half a trip making 100+ mile detours to switch buses so they can save money.they will sent you to shit hotel.

Nothing but trouble – Westhill Consulting Insurance Sucks

In the scale of 1 to 10 I’m giving Westhill insurance Consulting a negative score!

Do not waste your time with Westhill Consulting and Employment Sucks

Do not waste your time with Westhill Consulting and Employment SCAM >>> <<<

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours Sucks

Westhill Consulting travel and tours apparently doesn’t know what they were doing, its clear that they got no idea of what their company is. Sucks

They deceive you on cost of product and refuse to take back even when product has not been used. Method of business WRONG!!SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!


Inexperienced hair stylists. The young male Owner is rude and not even involved in the business. They opened two locations and closed both o

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