Would never recommend any of the KM resorts. We spent one night in Randle WA and the next day traveled to the Cheney WA resort. The Randle resort was dirty and the people working behind the desk were rude. They would not smile or answer any questions with out making you feel retarded like you should already know. The facilities were gross and needed some hard deep cleaning. The pool was groose and there was a dirty tampon in the bathroom on the floor where you walk in. The golf course was not cut and grown out to far to play golf. The Cheney resort was better but not good quality. The manager was really rude and acted better than everyone. The security guy I met was a jerk. My children were out at 9:30 sitting at the basketball court and he came over there and was yelling at them. It was not quiet hour yet and he was yelling for no reason. I just did not like any of their services. Next time we will find other resorts...

Location that Sucks: Randle WA

  1. Official Company Response

    Official Response from K/M Resorts
    K/M Resorts has been in business for 25 year, it is a family business with intergrity! IT is unfair that disgrunted people can spread rumors on the internet and influence other potential clients. We are registered with the state of Washington and follow all the rules, pay taxes etc! We make customers aware and disclose all the rules AND have the member sign a contract stating they understand WHAT they are purchasing! Unfortunately when people misunderstand or dont follow the rules they can spread untrue rumors! People please have respect enough to be fair, follow the rules and call K/M direct to take care of your problems, I would guess the people that do this have never owned or run a business of their own.

    Response written: 2012-06-01 13:40:50